Saturday, 23 June 2007

Day 12 - Lauri's Park & Sarkanniemi

Day 12 had us headed off to a park with a difference. Lauri is a club member who decided to build his own park and has been spending the last few years putting it altogether. This was a park in its infancy but you have to respect the guy for living his dream.

It's a small park on the back of a service station in the middle of nowhere, and on this particular day it was raining very heavily, too heavily for us to really enjoy the park.

This was the hedge maze, and because it was so new the hedges barely came up to knee height, in fact make that gnome height. This fortunately made the maze one of the easiest to negotiate. Ray ponders whether to give it a go or not.

Lauri had salvaged rides from other parks and given them a new home. In time he'll get this painted I'm sure.

Ray did decide to enter but we insisted he keep the jacket on so we could keep an eye on him in case he got lost.

The pagoda was the most popular attraction with the club. I was in the second most popular attraction, the train station. These were two of the buildings with roofs.

One brave soul rides the hearts and diamonds in the rain.

I wish Lauri the best for his park, and the signs of it working are there. Whilst seeking shelter from the rain I noticed two girls run into the park, buy tickets for the Miami Trip, scream the whole time and then run out the park screaming having enjoyed themselves. It was like watching RCT for real. I think its a good idea to put a park next to a service station, it certainly breaks the monotony of driving, especially if you're a passenger. Maybe that's why the girls were so excited. In time he'll hopefully have something steal the skyline and attract more passers by to his park.

On the way back from the park we decided to stop off at Sarkanniemmi, the main theme park in Tampere. These aren't pics of the park, just the scenery along the way.

Here's the park. Famous for its observation tower with revolving restaurant at the top, we were only here for a quick stop off. We'd be here properly tomorrow.

The corkscrew, I'd ridden before and I didn't want to break my jaw on it so didn't bother.

Tornado on the other hand I did ride, it's by far the best ride in the park and one of the best in Scandinavia. Anyway after the park we went back to the hotel and then a group of us went back to enjoy Tammerfest.

We went back to the second stage, and caught the end of this trio of three leotard clad dancers lip syncing to some dance tracks. All good fun!!

Actually, we had a great night here. The highlight having to be watching some poor Finnish guy clearly suffering from too much Jagermeister trying to pee behind the tent then falling head first into it, causing the Jagermeister hostess to come running around berating him. He wasn't the only one to feel the effects, I managed to fall too on the way back to the hotel, almost having a "American History X mouth on kerb" moment on a concrete staircase I'd tripped up. Fortunately I managed to break my fall and it was my forearms that hurt rather than my face.

A Glug-glug-glug-crunch-"are you alright?" night brought to you by Jagermeister!

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