Saturday, 23 June 2007

Day 20 - Tivoli and Copenhagen

The last day and it was only right to spend it at Tivoli although a group of us also decided to venture into the city on an unofficial tour from Jeppe.

If you're looking at this galleon on the lake and thinking "It's just like Disney" please don't. Tivoli did it first, and in putting the Disney concept together Walt and his friends came here for some inspiration.

The Chinese theatre during daytime hours closes only when tourists are in the vicinity. As soon as they walk out of sight, it opens and all the locals emerge from the bushes they were hiding in and the show continues..........seriously!

I have no idea who this is but I'm guessing a clown, or a Goth with a shaky hand. I'll call him Samuel.

This is the Viking themed restaurant where we had lunch, basically a big barbecue buffet combination. Very nice it was too. The restaurant is on the top, beneath sits a Madhouse, which unlike a fun house is an illusion type ride where you think you're in a room that's rotating; only you're not its the city of Copenhagen that is. I bet that cost a lot to install!

Odin's Express is the park's powered coaster. I'd ridden it before and chose not to this time around. I believe there are plans to chop it up and sell it to cutlery manufacturers. A new ride will probably take its place. I hope it's a Han-Katten copy!

Nautilus is the new ride for this year. Just a standard kiddy type ride that goes up and down. Nicely themed but not as cute as the Bonbon Octopus I'm sure you'll agree.

The Chinese dragon during the day. The smell of vomit had gone, I guess the rats had a good feast!

This would be a simple kiddy coaster but they've allowed plants to grow beneath it, turning a bland ride into a fun one. A simple trick that other parks could do well to mimic.

Daemonen and the Chinese Pagoda.

Hopefully from this you'll get an idea of how scary the StarFlyer could be. Imagine being on a normal chain swing, then put it up there, then spin it around! I don't know about you but I'm holding on!

I'd finally managed to get around to taking a picture of the Rutschebanen, just a pity it was a crap one.

Nice handrail!

After our morning photo catch up, Jeppe took us on a quick tour of his capital.

I'm hoping I have my bearings and recollection correct in saying that this is the Town Hall. It was built around the turn of the 20th century and the tower at 105 metres tall is one of the tallest structures in the city, a little taller than the Starflyer.

The Town Hall sits at one end of Radhuspladsen, the main square in the city. That's just some random building overlooking one of the other sides.

In the square is a famous statue of children's novelist Hans Christian Andersen (The JK Rowling for the early 1800s). This however is not that statue; This is one of a bull battling some dragons, and has nothing to do with Hans at all.

This is Stroget, the main pedestrian shopping street, and the longest pedestrian street in Europe at that.

That's Shawarma's the kebab shop on Stroget that Jeppe took us to the night before. Please don't think they're like the kebabs back home. These were nice and can be enjoyed sober!

I'm guessing this is some kind of bank building.

I really wasn't paying attention to Jeppe's tour. I think this was a court building.

Nice graffiti.

This is outside the pottery museum, just off the street.

A land train for those tourists too tired to walk back.

A statue within Hojbro Square that separates Stroget with Christiansborg, the island on which the main government and judicial buildings sit.

The Christiansborg Chapel is part of the complex. It dates back to the 1800s and is a classic example of the Neoclassic style (not a neoclassic example of the classic style)

The green roofed building is the Danish Stock Exchange, called the Borsen. The twisted spire is formed from the tails of four dragons. A second dragon reference, very strange.

Another random statue, outside the Christiansborg this time.

Nope, I have no idea what this building is, but I bet it has something to do with dragons.

This is within the Christiansborg complex.

A greener than greener approach to cycling I guess. This belonged to a woman singing opera around the corner who I was going to photograph until Talhat out sung her with his Pavarotti skills.

I wanted a nice shot of the cloisters but had to wait ages for two guys to walk out of shot. They saw me with the camera, perhaps they were just testing my patience; It held out!

Christiansborg from the front, we'd entered through the rear........ooer!
From here we headed back towards Tivoli, the brief tour coming to an end.

A cheeky advertisement, knowing bikes are common place in this city.

This is the glyptoteket an Art Museum over the road from the park. It reminded me of a short Alexandra Palace, which is built in a similar style.

Close to Tivoli now, but we'd only be in there briefly before leaving.

This is a poster advertising the Flying Superkids, a Danish take on the Cirque de Soleil act that features kids of varying ages tumbling, skipping, trampolining, singing and balancing on their hands. They seem to be quite succesful undertaking a world tour but something didn't fit, it reminded me a bit like Mini Pops a TV show we had in the 80s that in hindsight was just wrong.

Back into the park.

How not to ride a giraffe.

I had have no idea what the kid did to provoke Jeff but he looks like he's about to smack him!

Grrrrrr, I'm a scary stone dragon. Hey another dragon!!!

A final shot of the gardens on the way back to the airport coach and home.

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