Saturday, 23 June 2007

Day 13 - Sarkanniemi and Ferry to Stockholm

Our last day in Tampere so what better way to spend it than back at Sarkanniemi.

As well as being a great coaster Tornado also has the brightest coloured trains ever!


The ride has two of these wicked heartline rolls. This is the external one, the other goes through the station.

It did rain here just as Jeppe was queueing for the kiddy coaster. He got soaked! haha!!

The only new ride for me here was Trombi, which is Finnish for "shoulder bruiser". I was fearing the worst having ridden a similar ride in Vienna. This wasn't as bad but was still pretty sore going through the rolls.

I always come back from these trips with bruised shoulders. On the last Scandi trip it was the booster spin ride at Linnanmaki that did it. It was Trombi this time around.

A few shots of the park from across the water. Well I thought I'd go for a wander.

The "I'm very apologetic" boat.

This is where the wristbands end up!

It's not easy to get the shot of the barrel roll through the station but it is through there.

Some of the group missed the Jetline on the previous day and it was down today due to the weather. HalfPipe, the is-it-a-coaster-or-not ride had been down for some time so no-one got to ride that on this occasion. Two good reasons to come back.

More shots of shoulder bruiser.

We left the park with a wet wave and headed to the Ferry port to take us to Stockholm. We were departing from Turku on the south-west tip of the island.

But we got there early so I decided to go explore again, albeit not too far. I'm a good swimmer but not that good.

That's Turku castle a medieval structure built in the 1280s, making it the oldest building encountered on the trip by quite a margin.

The ferry trip was actually quite a laugh, although not as mad as the previous trip. It's always a good way to get to know everyone, especially in the nightclub. However on this occasion the ferry was pretty empty as it was in the middle of the week and we were the only ones left in the club. Still these are the highlights.
  • Having a group dinner with an amazing view out of the front of the ferry.
  • Trying all sorts of random food in the buffet.
  • Convincing Talhat, who doesn't drink that there was alcohol in the Tiramisu.
  • Seeing Talhat having the dutch courage to dance in the nightclub.
  • Having Chris smack me upside the head in front of people who don't know he does it all the time.
  • Being given some weird drink to have where you get a massive headrush on inhaling having drunk it.

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