Saturday, 23 June 2007

In Conclusion

Well as ever it was a great holiday and not as tiring as the America tour last year. I was fortunate in having been to most of the Scandinavian parks before and so could just enjoy them more this time around rather than running around ensuring I got on everything. I'm also pleased that my organisation of the pre-trip trip came off. As ever it's probably best to end with some thanks...

Kevin, John, Mark and Justin for putting together another great club trip.
Jeppe and Keith for being good company during the pre-trip.
Chris for the repeated "smackya upside ya head" beatings, the medical bill is in the post (oh and for rescuing my jacket).
Jeff for that priceless picture on the kiddy coaster at Bakken, one of my fave pics of the trip.
Andy for beating me at go-karting and giving me reason to attend a rematch!
KLM for losing my luggage and giving me reason to go "yippee" and bounce down the hotel corridor when it had been found.
All the parks and staff with particular mention to the ride op team on Kanonen at Liseberg

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